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“Space Kebab” was made in Turkey 

ISTANBUL:  Turkish-made “space kebabs” have become very popular on social media in the last few days as they were tied to a large helium balloon and sent to a height of 100 km.

According to reports, Yasir Aydin, owner of a restaurant in the southern Turkish city of Adana, and Idris al-Birak, a local businessman, jointly staged the protest.

Yasir Aydin’s restaurant has introduced “Pipe Kebab” which is made from lamb chops. Unlike regular skewered kebabs, pipe kebabs are wrapped around a square metal pipe with spicy lamb.

To mark World Space Day on April 12, Idris al-Biraq tied the same pipe kebab to a large helium balloon that slowly rose to an altitude of 100 km, where the Earth’s atmosphere ceases.

Cameras and other devices were also installed in the transparent box of pipe kebabs to monitor every single moment of the journey.

Shortly after reaching the summit, the balloon burst and the entire box of pipe kebabs was parachuted into the nearby sea, where a team was already waiting.

The box was taken out of the sea, and when the kebab was eaten, it was fresh and old. For the purpose of publicity, this pipe kebab was named as “space kebab” (space kebab).

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