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Malaysian artiste Amira Othman hospitalised after indoor cycling class

Singer Amira Othman was checked into the hospital on Saturday (Dec 5) due to complications that arose after the artiste overdid it at her first indoor cycling class.

She is still under observation at the hospital today (Dec 9) but will be discharged soon.

MStar, the Malay news portal of The Star, reported that the 27-year-old’s thigh muscles were torn after exerting herself in the class. The tearing of the muscle damaged small blood vessel, which caused bleeding.

The doctor told her that the bleeding in the torn muscles had spread to her other organs affecting her kidney and liver.

The former Akademi Fantasia participant told the portal: “Maybe the class was too intense for me, but I tried to push myself until my muscles couldn’t take it.

“Usually after exercising, I do feel sore. But in this case, the pain just got worse and worse. Three days later, my pee came out black.”

Luckily for the Hati-Hati singer, the doctor informed her that her kidney was not damaged.

She advised her fans via Instagram to take this incident as a lesson and not overdo exercises until it affects one’s health, and to know one’s own limitations as well as abilities.

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