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Jokowi’s son set to win mayoral election in Indonesia’s Solo

JAKARTA — The eldest son of Indonesian President Joko Widodo is set to become the new mayor of Solo, a position that propelled his father into political stardom, unofficial results from regional elections show.

Quick count seen by several local pollsters showed Gibran Rakabuming Raka taking close to 90% of the votes in Wednesday’s election.

The president’s son was backed by the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, which holds 30 seats in the 45-member Solo Legislative Council. Both he and his father are members of the party. His opponent was Bagyo Wahyono, a little-known local business owner running as an independent.

In Medan, North Sumatra, Widodo’s son-in-law Bobby Nasution, looks to have won the mayoral race with 55% of the vote, according to quick counts from Charta Politika, a local pollster.

More than 100 million Indonesian voted Wednesday to elect nine governors, 224 regents and 37 mayors across the world’s third-largest democracy. Official results are due by December 15th. When confirmed, Gibran will become the mayor of Solo in February.

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