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China trying to mediate Pakistan, India for early talks: Spokesperson

BEIJING, March 11 : A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said that his country was trying to mediate between Pakistan and India for early start of dialogue process, so that they could address their certain grievances and overcome the prevailing tense situation.

Replying to a question at a regular news briefing here on Monday, he said, recently a series of events have taken place between the two countries.

“We believe that this is indeed not conducive to peace and stability in South Asia. China has used its mediation between India and Pakistan to make a lot of efforts to promote dialogue, work hard to cool the situation and promote the improvement of relations between the two sides.

In the process of exchanging views with India and Pakistan on the situation in the region, security is an important issue.

We have conducted extensive and in-depth communication with both parties,” he added.

Responding to another question about forthcoming discussion by the 13th, the UN Security Council 1267 Committee on issue of Masood Azhar’s listing , the spokesperson said, “To this effect, there are strict regulations on the relevant operations of the UN Security Council and its affiliates.

The relevant internal discussions of the Council’s subsidiary bodies are very doubtful. The situation from the unsuitable channels may not be a basis.

We have repeatedly emphasized China’s position on the 1267 Committee of the Security Council on the issue of terrorist organizations and individuals.

China has always participated in relevant discussions in a responsible manner and in strict accordance with the principles, regulations and procedures of the 1267 Committee.

China will continue to communicate and coordinate with relevant parties in a responsible manner and properly handle this issue.

Only decisions made through responsible and serious discussions are the way to solve problems sustainably.”

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